Application Note

A Beginner's Guide To Bioprocess Modes – Batch, Fed-Batch, And Continuous Fermentation

Source: Eppendorf, Inc

By Ying Yang and Ma Sha

Eppendorf 2

In this application note, we explain the differences between batch, fed-batch, and continuous fermentation and how these influence culture growth. As an example, we look at E. coli fermentation processes at bench scale. We track the biomass and nutrient concentrations during batch, fed-batch, and continuous fermentation runs. We explain different methods to analyze the process, including determination of biomass, growth rate, productivity, yield, and analysis of process costs. The comparisons can help bioprocess engineers to select the most appropriate method to meet their needs.

In our examples we studied E. coli fermentation at bench scale. The principles may also apply to bioprocesses using other microbes or mammalian cells, at both smaller and larger scales.