Irvine Scientific

Customer Service
1830 E Warner
Santa Ana, CA 92705-5505  US

Company Overview

Irvine Scientific was established in May 1970 to produce serum products for the cell culture market. From those beginnings, Irvine Scientific emerged and grew to become a respected innovator of cell culture products. Over the years, Irvine Scientific has evolved its products, services, and operations to become multi-disciplined, international in scope and subject matter experts in the area of cell culture media.


    • Supplies and Reagents
      • Cell Biology Products/Reagents
        • Cell Biology Chemicals and Reagents
      • Molecular Biology Products
    • Services
      • Serum Heat Inactivation
      • Serum-Free Media Development
    • Instrumentation
      • Centrifuges
        • Centrifuges, Benchtop
      • Micromanipulators
    • Cellular Biology, Apparatus/Cell Culture Systems
      • Apparatus, Culture Flasks