Supplier News

  1. BioTek Highlights Automated Workflow Solutions At SLAS 2014

    Join BioTek Instruments as they demonstrate novel ways to automate microplate-based workflows at the SLAS 2014 Conference and Exhibition to be held January 18-22 in San Diego, California.

  2. Enhanced Crystallisation Control Improves Polymorph Screening

    Genevac announces eXalt - an exciting new non-destructive evaporation technology developed with partners in the field of pharmaceutical small molecule crystallisation.

  3. Hamilton Robotics Launches The NIMBUS384, An Affordable,Highly Flexible, Compact Pipetting Workstation

    Hamilton Robotics launches the Microlab® NIMBUS384®,acompact, multi-channel liquid handler that offers fast liquid transfers, superior accuracy and precision pipetting.

  4. Sartorius Closes Acquisition Of TAP Biosystems Group plc

    Sartorius, a leading international laboratory and pharmaceutical equipment provider, successfully completed its acquisition of UK company TAP Biosystems Group plc last Monday.

  5. Hamilton Company Acquires Fogale's Biomass Measurement Business

    Hamilton concludes agreement to acquire the biotech sensors business of the French company Fogale Nanotech.

  6. UPS Hails Landmark Drug Distribution Safety And Licensing Legislation

    UPS applauds Congress for passing legislation to enhance the safety of the nation's healthcare supply chain and drug distribution network.

  7. Rocket 4D Evaporator Ideal For Removing Large Volumes With Efficiency

    Genevac has reported very positive feedback from early adopters of their Rocket 4D – a fully automated system for automatic drying or concentration of very large volumes up to 100 litres.

  8. Hamilton Expands Products And Applications For Process Measurement Analytics

    Hamilton Company announces the availability of its new process analytics catalog offering the latest in intelligent and robust sensor technologies.

  9. Sartorius Stedim Biotech And BD Diagnostics Strengthen Cooperation In The Area Of Microbiological Diagnostics

    Sartorius Stedim Biotech (SSB), a leading international pharma and biotech supplier, and BD Diagnostics, a segment of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), a leading global medical technology company, recently announced a collaboration to develop, manufacture and market various ready-to-use, prefilled media products for microbiological applications in pharmaceutical, biotech and research laboratories.

  10. SAFC Manufacturing New High-Quality PharmaGrade Raw Materials At Arklow, Ireland, Plant

    Sigma-Aldrich Corporation’s custom manufacturing services business unit, SAFC Commercial, has broadened production at its Arklow, Ireland, facility to include new PharmaGrade products.