Supplier News

  1. SAFC Manufacturing New High-Quality PharmaGrade Raw Materials At Arklow, Ireland, Plant

    Sigma-Aldrich Corporation’s custom manufacturing services business unit, SAFC Commercial, has broadened production at its Arklow, Ireland, facility to include new PharmaGrade products.

  2. SAFC Invests In Commercial-Scale ADC Conjugation Manufacturing And Services; Expands HPAPI Manufacturing And Storage Capacity

    Sigma-Aldrich Corporation’s custom manufacturing services business unit, SAFC Commercial, is expanding two of its manufacturing facilities in the United States to support drug manufacturers in efficiently bringing new targeted and cytotoxic therapies to market.  As a direct result of increasing customer demand, SAFC is investing in commercial-scale manufacturing capacity for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) in St. Louis, MO, and expanding its high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredient (HPAPI) manufacturing and storage at the Verona facility near Madison, WI.

  3. Researchers Demonstrate Technological Breakthrough For Skin Regeneration

    A team of researchers from the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have demonstrated new multimodal optical microscopy technology that when coupled with advanced image co-registration algorithms, can account for soft-tissue deformations that may occur over the time-course of weeks and months.

  4. WHEATON Introduces CryoELITE For Secure Storage Of Biological Tissues

    WHEATON CryoELITE Tissue Vials were designed for the safe, secure and effective cryopreservation of biological tissue specimens.

  5. Hamilton Robotics And New England Biolabs Collaborate To Automate Sample Preparation For NGS

    Hamilton Robotics and New England Biolabs, Inc. (NEB) recently announced a collaboration to develop automated solutions for NEB's NEBNext reagent line for next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation, including a fast and robust low-input option for high-throughput Illuminalibrary preparation.

  6. Global Vision Introduces New Barcode Verification & Measurement Technologies For PDF Files

    Global Vision, the industry leader in the development of innovative proofreading technologies, recently announced the addition of barcode verification for PDF files as well as Bar Width Reduction (BWR) and magnification measurements to its BarProof software module.

  7. Marken Announces Moscow Depot

    Marken announced recently the addition of a dedicated depot in Moscow, Russia. The depot announcement is part of Marken’s ongoing expansion of their global pharmaceutical depot network. 

  8. Dyzle Technology Platform Is The First To Support Validated Environment For GDP-Compliant Automated Temperature Monitoring In The Pharmaceutical Industry

    Dyzle BV,the global leader in measuring and analyzing business process data for the cold chain in real-time,has announced a key feature of its cold chain monitoring technology platform for the pharmaceutical industry. 

  9. GE Healthcare Life Sciences To Build KUBio Modular Biopharmaceutical Factory For JHL Biotech In China

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences, a business unit of GE Healthcare, and JHL Biotech, a provider of biopharmaceutical process development and manufacturing services, recently announced that a KUBio™ modular biopharmaceutical factory will be built in China for JHL Biotech.

  10. Hamilton Robotics Delivers New High-Tech Liquid Handling Platform

    Hamilton Robotics introduces the Hamilton VANTAGE™ for immediate release. The highly flexible, multi-purpose pipetting platform features a completely new, state-of-the-art linear motor design and contact-free NanoPulse™ pipetting technology covering a wide volume range (100 nL – 1 mL).