Single Use Multimedia

  1. Concentrate 6 Flasks At A Time With The Rocket™ Evaporator

    The Rocket Evaporator is designed to dry or concentrate as many as six flasks, each containing up to 450mL of solvent.

  2. EMD Millipore Finding An Alternative To Recycle Waste In Life Sciences
    A big concern is how waste is being disposed of in the Life Sciences Industry.
  3. GE Healthcare Exhibits Wave Bioreactor, Wave Harvest, Chromatography Systems At INTERPHEX
    At INTERPHEX 2011, GE Healthcare demonstrated its Wave Bioreactor, Wave Harvester, and new chromatography system.
  4. Video: FlexAct
    FlexAct is a new system that enables you to custom-configure single-use solutions for entire biomanufacturing steps. The FlexAct system consists of the central operating module that offers the widest variety of configuration options so you can take complete control of practically any steps in upstream and downstream processing.
  5. Video: BIO 2009: Expanded Bed Chromatography — Rhobust, Flexible
    Expanded bed chromatography, not new to pharma, can process unclarified feedstocks simply and flexibly, with disposable tubing that eliminates the need for CIP.
  6. Video: Aseptika Bioreactor Sampler
    The Bioreactor Sampler from Aseptika is a flexible and expandable system and is available as: 6, 12 or 18 sample capacity.
  7. Video: Use Of The Micropipette
    The video is part of the Bridge Program of the Department of Biological Sciences at Kingsborough Community College of The City University of New York
  8. Video: Steam-Thru® II Connections
    Video: Steam-Thru® II Connections
  9. Video: Steam-Thru® Connections
    Colder Products Company Steam-Thru Connections make it cleaner, faster, and easier. With Steam-Thru Connections, steam passes directly through the connection, creating a one-step steam-in-place process. By eliminating unnecessary connection points, the Steam-Thru Connection prevents "dead legs," reduces chances of contamination, and minimizes validation concerns.