Single Use Featured Solutions

  1. Chromatography Columns
    GE Healthcare's column ranges includes HiScreen™, and HiScale™ for development work and AxiChrom™ for GMP production environments.
  2. BioProcess™ Systems For Development And Production
    GE Healthcare systems cover all scales of biomolecule production from the research lab to the production hall and are designed to meet the rigorous demands of these environments.
  3. Membrane Filters For Sterile Filtration And Clarification
    The ULTA™ family of normal flow filtration products is specifically designed to support a wide range of biopharmaceutical liquid filtration applications.
  4. Modern BioProcess Media
    GE Healthcare’s chromatography media (resin) all pass rigorous selection requirements for the large-scale downstream processing of biopharmaceuticals from initial capture to final polishing. BioProcess™ Media in particular are specifically designed to meet the demands of today’s industrial biotechnology.
  5. High-Throughput Process Development
    Time-to-clinic and time-to-market are two key factors in successful biopharmaceutical development.
  6. Mineral Membranes & Systems: Kerasep®- Bio Membranes and Systems
    Cross- Flow Filtration mineral (inorganic) membranes and systems for bioprocessing and separation of biomolecules (e.g. monoclonal antibodies); especially for UF/DF filtration step in downstream processing.
  7. SFR Shake Flask Reader - Oxygen And pH Measurement In Shake Flasks
    PreSens offers a new system for measuring oxygen and pH in shake flasks. The SFR – Shake Flask Reader measures rapid and precise in up to 9 shake flasks simultaneously. This novel device is used for microbial cultivations and cell cultures.
  8. Electro-Optical Module EOM-pH-mini
    The electro-optical module EOM-pH-mini is a precise OEM solution for non-invasive pH sensor spots. Assembled according to ISO 9001:2000 they deliver certified quality.
  9. Electro-Optical Module EOM-O2-Mini
    The electro-optical module EOM-O2-mini is a precise OEM solution for non-invasive oxygen sensor spots. Assembled according to ISO 9001:2000 they deliver certified quality.
  10. SDR SensorDish® Reader: Noninvasive On-line Culture Monitoring Of Oxygen And pH
    The SDR SensorDish® Reader is a small 24-channel reader for non-invasive detection of oxygen and pH in disposable 24- or 6-well multidishes. The multidishes contain a sensor spot at the bottom of each well. They are read out non-invasively and non-destructively through the transparent bottom of the multidishes by the SensorDish® Reader placed below them.