Single Use Featured Solutions

  1. PBS 500 Air-Wheel Bioreactor

    Empower your R&D, clinical, seed train and production teams and gain efficiency, flexibility and a competitive advantage with the PBS 500 liter single-use bioreactor.

  2. PBS 3 Air-Wheel Bioreactor

    Unleash the power of your research and development team by gaining efficiency and a competitive advantage in the laboratory with the PBS 3 liter single-use bioreactor.

  3. Single-Use Sani-Tech® EZ Top® Container Closure Improves Biopharm Processes Versus Stainless Steel

    Improving your aseptic fluid transfer, sampling and sealing processes with Sani-Tech® EZ Top® Container Closure Assemblies

  4. XDUO Quad Intelligent Single-Use Mixing System Datasheet

    The industry's first plug-and-play single-use mixing system supports upstream and downstream applications for automated mixing of buffer, media, product and intermediates, and other process fluids.

  5. Single Use Mixing System

    The Xcellerex XDUO Quad Intelligent builds upon the highly successful XDM QUAD™ Single-Use Mixing System. XDUO is the next generation smart single use mixing system incorporating all automation and instrumentation directly into the mixer.

  6. Poster: XDR-10 Single-Use Bioreactor
    The XDR-10 single-use bioreactor is the latest addition to Xcellerex’s industry leading line of GMP cell-culture systems.
  7. Chromatography Columns
    GE Healthcare's column ranges includes HiScreen™, and HiScale™ for development work and AxiChrom™ for GMP production environments.
  8. BioProcess™ Systems For Development And Production
    GE Healthcare systems cover all scales of biomolecule production from the research lab to the production hall and are designed to meet the rigorous demands of these environments.
  9. Membrane Filters For Sterile Filtration And Clarification
    The ULTA™ family of normal flow filtration products is specifically designed to support a wide range of biopharmaceutical liquid filtration applications.
  10. High-Throughput Process Development
    Time-to-clinic and time-to-market are two key factors in successful biopharmaceutical development.