Single Use Featured Articles

  1. High-Flow Sterile Connectors For Single-Use Applications

    Over the past decade, two developments have increased demand for high flow-rate connectors. By Todd Andrews, Bioprocessing Global Sales and Business Development Manager at CPC

  2. BPC Chambers Selection Gui

    This document helps guide you through the key process of chamber selection based on your application and process requirements.

  3. Characterization Of Single-Use BioProcess Container Systems

    The trend towards single-use containers and systems in the biopharmaceutical industry has led to a shift of concerns regarding cleaning and sterilization of conventional multi-use containers and systems to those regarding material characteristics and container/content interactions.

  4. Maintaining Bag Integrity In International Shipments

    The purpose of conducting this transportation simulation was to determine the integrity characteristics of one unitized load when exposed to conditions representative of shipping and handling stresses likely to occur during a product’s life cycle.

  5. Gaining Efficiency Through Faster Integration of Single-Use Products

    Considered a full-service integrator of products in the biopharmaceutical industry, Saint-Gobain offers an online platform that improves their efficiencies to design single-use products by creating a 3-dimensional product drawing.

  6. Comparison Of Air-Wheel Bioreactor Against The Traditional Stirred-Tank Bioreactor in Microcarrier Applications

    A novel bioreactor system from PBS Biotech utilizes the patented Air-Wheel technology to promote uniform and homogenous liquid mixing and offers a low shear  environment for cell culture.

  7. Single-Use Budgets In 2013: Biotech Industry Council Indicates Industry Will Expand Spending On Key Products

    Disposable products continue to be a hot topic in biomanufacturing, as they increasingly penetrate clinical- and commercial-stage manufacturing and are sought after for their process efficiencies. In fact, when we asked the 450 global subject matter experts and senior participants on our Biotechnology Industry Council™ to identify the critical trends in bioprocessing for 2013, 22% cited aspects associated with implementation of single-use system integration.  These ranked narrowly behind need for downstream processing optimization, and analytical methods development (each at 24%). By Eric Langer, president and managing partner, BioPlan Associates, Inc.

  8. Meeting BioPharma Needs For Lower Operating Cost And Faster Time To Market

    Broad adoption awaits fully scalable GMP systems, improved and less costly disposables, better analytics, greater process automation and low-shear mixing.

  9. Moving Ahead With Single Use Technology

    This paper discusses the advantages of single-use vessel, bioreactor and mixing technologies, why they continue to grow in popularity for the bioprocessing market, and how to effectively overcome challenges in implementation of the technologies. By Richard Bhella

  10. Budgets For Single-Use Systems On The Rise; CMOs The Biggest Spenders

    Single-use systems are rapidly becoming mainstream in the biopharmaceutical industry, even in commercial manufacturing.  Results from our 9th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers indicate that budgets for single-use components are also on the rise, meaning this trend is likely to continue. By Eric Langer, President and Managing Partner, BioPlan Associates, Inc.

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