10th Oncology Biomarkers Conference
March 20 - 22, 2017 - San Diego CA US


Phone: 6262566405

Dear Colleague, The 10th Oncology Biomarkers Conference is one of four conferences part of the Biomarker Summit 2017 to be held on March 20-22, 2017 in San Diego, CA. This conference brings together experts in industry, academia and government to discuss the latest developments in the oncology biomarker research arena. Hot topics include circulating tumor cells, cell free DNA, digital pathology and imaging biomarkers. Applications of technologies such as mass spectrometry and next generation sequencing as well as data analysis and interpretation will also be discussed. Please join us for the opportunity to listen to recent updates on research, share ideas with colleagues, and network with experts to advance biomarker discovery and development. General Session: Plenary Keynote Session Big Data Analytics & Bioinformatics for Biomarkers Development Emerging Technologies in Biomarker Development Overcoming Challenges of Clinical Validation & Translation Panel Discussion: Companion Diagnostics Development & Partnering Strategies Overcoming Commercialization Challenges in Biomarker Development 10th Oncology Biomarkers Circulating Tumor Cells & Microvesicles Liquid Biopsy: Circulating DNA & MicroRNA Immuno-oncology Biomarkers Novel Technologies in Oncology Biomarkers We hope to see you there! Best regards, The 2017 Advisory Committee

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