Patheon Inc. is a leading provider of contract development and commercial manufacturing services to the global pharmaceutical industry for a full array of solid and sterile dosage forms. Through the company's recent acquisition of Banner Pharmacaps - a market leader in soft gelatin capsule technology - Patheon now also includes a proprietary products and technology business.

Patheon provides the highest quality products and services to approximately 300 of the world's leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The company's integrated network consists of 15 locations, including 12 commercial contract manufacturing facilities and 9 development centers across North America and Europe. Patheon enables customer products to be launched with confidence anywhere in the world. For more information visit www.patheon.com.

Early Development Services
Patheon offers the full breadth of advanced scientific and preformulation services to quickly characterize your drug substance, develop and implement laboratory methodologies, and generate the data to enable IND filings. Our early development experts can also help you evaluate formulation options to give you a clear view of the path to developing a formulation for in-vitro, preclinical and Phase I clinical studies – advice founded in the experience of thousands of projects.

Late Development Services
Late development is the pivot point that sets the course of your product's future. Patheon's industry leadership at this crucial phase is rooted in our deep experience in every other phase of bringing a molecule to market. From early development through production, we know what it takes to manufacture a product with reliable high quality. Very few CDMOs can bring this big-picture perspective to building success into both solid and sterile pharmaceutical products.

Commercial Supply Services
Dependable quality. Speed and flexibility. On-time reliability. Depth of expertise and resources. The consistent delivery of industry-leading contract commercial supply services has earned Patheon the trust of the industry: 18 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies are clients, as are 7 of the top 10 specialty pharmaceutical companies and 9 of the top 10 biotech companies.

Sterile Dosage Forms
Patheon offers extensive sterile product development and commercial manufacturing capabilities, including world-class expertise in lyophilization and ready-to-use dose formats. Whether you are developing a new drug or exploring lifecycle management opportunities, Patheon gives you access to the advanced formulation expertise and latest technologies to bring to the world a high-quality sterile product.

Solid Dosage Forms
We give pharmaceutical companies access to formulation expertise in a remarkable range of choices, all royalty-free: conventional,multilayer and fast dispersible tablets; powders and granules, bead and liquid-filled capsules; and softgels. We further increase your options with innovative combinations of these forms, as well as controlled release technologies. All these choices are executed with the expansive scientific resources and expertise to build successful solid dose formulations for even the most complex drug compounds. 

Controlled Substances And High Potency
With the experience of more than 150 highly potent compounds, you can count on Patheon for the development and manufacturing of these complex pharmaceuticals, including hormones and compounds with Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL) in the nano gram per cubic meter range. Patheon will keep your project moving forward, even in one the most stringently regulated categories in the industry. Our facilities routinely pass regulatory inspections as well as customer audits. In fact, with more than 108 regulatory inspections since 2006, 31 resulted in zero observations. This stellar track record is proof of our ability to keep pace with ever evolving regulations, and our commitment to constant improvement.




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