Xcellerex XDR MO Single-Use Stirred-Tank Fermentors

Source: Cytiva
Xcellerex XDR MO

Single-use, stirred-tank fermentor systems for growing microbial cultures, in two sizes: 50 L and 500 L.

  • Microorganism growth performance comparable with conventional stainless steel fermentors.
  • Powerful mass transfer from a high-power input, two-stage impeller.
  • Oxygen transfer capacity that supports high-density fermentation.
  • Dimpled, jacketed heat transfer surface for efficient heating and effective cooling.
  • Robust bag design with no leakage-prone mechanical seals.

Powerful mixing, high oxygen transfer capacity, and efficient temperature control

Strong and efficient agitation is provided by a powerful magnetic drive and a multi-stage impeller. The dimpled, jacketed heat-transfer surface of the fermentor vessel provides efficient heating and effective cooling of the culture. An external temperature control unit (TCU) offers the flexibility to address process and facility requirements, with pre-engineered standard options available.

Stainless steel-equivalent performance and efficient utilization

The XDR fermentor systems deliver scalable, reproducible, process equivalence to conventional stainless steel systems. With a modern industrial design and the improved benefits of single-use, the XDR fermentor systems eliminate the need for time-consuming clean-in-place and steam-in-place operations. The XDR fermentor reduces set-up time between batches, leading to high operational throughput and efficient equipment utilization.

Multi-stage impeller tailored to fermentation needs

The multi-stage impeller comprises Rushton-type and axial-flow impellers, which are used in combination. The result is a well-mixed tank and excellent gas dispersion tailored to suit fermentation processes specifically. The Rushton impeller is well-known in the microbial community and delivers excellent power into the system. The axial-flow impeller operates in a pump down mode, resulting in a vertical fluid movement that increases gas residence time.
Robust bag design

The culture is contained in a robust disposable bag assembly (XDA) that maintains integrity under high speed, turbulent mixing, and high gas flow conditions. To minimize leakage risk, the impeller is magnetically coupled with no rotating seals.

Designed and built for real fermentation processes

XDR fermentors are developed by users for users and performance has been verified with microorganisms such as E. coli, Pseudomonas and yeast. The know-how gained is used in customer support and continuous improvements of the single-use fermentor portfolio.

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