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05.09.12 -- Trends In Single Use For Downstream Processes

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Trends In Single Use For Downstream Processes
By Eric Langer, president and managing partner, BioPlan Associates, Inc.
Downstream operations continue to create challenging bottlenecks and capacity problems. To identify what the industry is doing to address these bottlenecks, we asked 302 biopharmaceutical manufacturers in our 9th Annual Report and Survey of Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers about the specific areas their facility has actually implemented to improve their downstream purification (DSP) operations.
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New White Paper: The Flexible Factory Concept

New White Paper: The Flexible Factory Concept

Biomanufacturing managers are embracing a flexible factory platform that accelerates their deployment of new capacity while lowering risk and reducing capital costs. This paper reviews a flexible production concept that can be deployed in 9 to 18 months at a total cost of less than 50% of conventional plants. Download now.

Featured Articles

Ten Tips For Single-Use Pharmaceutical Tubing Selection
By John Stover, director of new product development and Ann Phy, marketing coordinator, NewAge Industries/AdvantaPure
Tubing used in pharmaceutical and biotech applications has particular requirements. Among them are the ability to withstand sterilization processes, the delivery of favorable test results regarding extractable substances, and the absence of animal-derived ingredients. Read more.

Single-Use Systems' Support Of PAT And QbD In Bioproduction
By William G. Whitford, Sr. Market Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Single-use systems (SUS) have become an increasingly important component of bioproduction. This is true from product and process development to manufacturing because of a number of distinct features SUS systems provide. Read more.

Waste Management In Single-Use Systems: Exploding The Myths
By Helene Pora and Bruce Rawlings, Pall Life Sciences
When questions on the impact of single-use systems on waste management are raised within the pharmaceutical industry, responses can vary widely from "major concern" to "very little impact". Read more.


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