Case Study

Transporting Clean Room Components By Air Freight

Source: Envirotainer

In end of 2013, NuFlare was challenged with the task of transporting a highly sensitive objective lens used in semiconductor manufacturing from Japan to Germany. The lens had been produced in a clean room environment and any exposure to normal conditions would quickly ruin the lens. This meant that the requirements for temperature, vibration and humidity exposure were strict.

Protect the goods in a challenging environment
Any goods sent by air freight are bound to be exposed to various conditions. The ambient temperature can be expected to vary from -10°C to +40°C and the relative humidity can be up to 100%. Furthermore, the frequent loading and offloading from aircrafts and trucks are bound to cause shocks and vibrations. Placing goods in an unprotected pallet means exposing them to these conditions. Companies regularly shipping highly sensitive goods know that this is out of the question.