Application Note

Integrate A Mixing System As A Slurry Tank When Packing Chromatography Columns

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

This application note describes the performance of single-use Xcellerex XDM Quad Mixing System used as a slurry tank when packing chromatography columns. The capability of the mixing system to keep the chromatography medium (resin) in suspension and the possibility to integrate the system in column packing were studied. The results show that XDM Quad Mixing System is suitable for use as a media slurry tank when packing chromatography columns.

Xcellerex XDM Quad Mixing System is designed for convenient and efficient mixing of buffer, media, product, and other process fluids. The single-use system eliminates the hassle of time-consuming and costly steam-in- place, clean-in-place, and cleaning validation procedures. The result is an efficient processing and rapid batch-to-batch turnover time.

The XDM Quad Mixing System comprises a full-featured, integrated, and rigid containment system. The system is complete with motor and controls, and an irradiated USP Class VI, single-use, low-density polyethylene plastic bag equipped with a disposable bottom-mounted impeller. The connection between motor and disposable impeller is via a robust magnetic coupling. The agitation is driven through stainless steel bearings within the impeller, providing high torque and rapid mixing to the system.