Newsletter | May 20, 2020

05.20.20 -- The Real Threat To Biopharma Supply Chains: Bioprocessing Materials

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Managing Demand Uncertainty In Biologics Production

How starting early, building options into your process, understanding the lead times, and continuing to evaluate your strategy can reduce uncertainty in your plans.

Lyophilization Of Highly Potent Drugs: Facility And Equipment Design Elements

Because scale-up and technology transfer of the lyophilization process is challenging, it is important to develop a comprehensive understanding of critical lyophilization characteristics early on.

Streamlining Buffer Management To Enable Facility Flexibility

Improving efficiency in buffer delivery is an important part of meeting the goals of BioPhorum’s roadmap for the future, which could be a critical strategy in increasing productivity and decreasing costs.

3 Steps To Strengthen Your Supply Chain Partnerships

If you’re struggling to achieve legitimate value, take advantage of this three-step process to strengthen your supply chain partnerships.

Making The Business Case For Vaccine Manufacturing

Vaccines are absolutely crucial for maintaining global health, but they are a challenge to develop and manufacture. How can businesses ensure profitability while providing low prices for developing countries?

Trade Compliance: Challenges In Global Biopharma Materials Logistics

Have you noticed that it has become increasingly difficult to transport your material into and out of the United States? That’s because it has!

Prepared For The Biopharma Market's Diverse Manufacturing Needs?

Meeting the needs of the modern biomanufacturing landscape requires a combination of technology and digital solutions working together to effectively and efficiently meet your goals.

Is Your Sterile Injectable Ready For Changes In Raw Materials?

Over the life of a drug changes in raw materials are inevitable. But even a small modification can throw your drug out of compliance. Learn how to safeguard drug integrity when raw materials change.

Achieving Unique Synergies In Antibody Expression

This poster demonstrates how a cell line development technology combined with a platform for cell line selection shortens timelines and generates productive, stable, high expressing cell lines.

Challenges In Bulk Drug Substance Logistics: A Glimpse Into The Crystal Ball

Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm, founders of Single Use Support GmbH, give their insights on the trends, sustainability, climate protection, and the future single-use bags.

Development Of A GMP Strategy For ADC Synthesis
Learn about the establishment and application of a GMP strategy for site-specific antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) production using AJICAP technology, a chemical conjugation platform that employs IgG Fc-affinity peptides.
Preclinical Antibody And Vaccine Development For Human RSV Infection

In this white paper, we demonstrate the critical roles in vitro and in vivo models play in the development of anti-RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) antibodies, vaccines, and small molecules alike. 

An Optimized Protein A Resin To Minimize Elution Buffer Selection Impact

In this application note, the impact of the elution buffer counter-ion, pH, and molarity were evaluated on the key purification performance parameters of Amsphere A3. In total, five different monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) were used for the study.

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