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09.23.22 -- The Promise Of Gene Silencing To Treat Not-So-Rare Diseases

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Bacterial Endotoxins As Contaminants Of Therapeutic Proteins

Impurities in a therapeutic protein might be similar molecules obtained as part of protein biosynthesis, come from the cellular substrate used in its production, or come from the production process itself.

Intro To High Containment For Lyophilization Processes

This white paper explores the advantages and disadvantages of lyophilization as well as lyophilizer solution examples and containment designs.

HCP Immunoassay Qualification: Review Of Orthogonal Methods

A broadly reactive and well-qualified HCP ELISA is critical for monitoring purification process consistency and final drug substance purity. Here we present an overview of assay qualification steps.

Going From DNA To IND In 11 Months

Lonza’s Ibex Design workflow's process platforms, straightforward scale-up to cGMP manufacturing, and innovative technologies further reduce development time and improve overall productivity.

Outstanding Sensitivity For Confident SPR Interaction Analysis

Explore how surface plasmon resonance (SPR)-based analyses with a high-sensitivity instrument can provide greater data precision and better confidence in your results interpretation.

The Digitalization Of Biopharma Process Development, Manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution is coming. Explore the three essentials of bioprocess development and manufacturing digitalization: digital literacy, digital trust, and prioritization.

Replacing Column Performance Across All Process Conditions

Replacement of reusable AEX columns by single-use solutions has proven to be challenging, mainly due to scalability constraints and sensitivity of current technologies to subsets of the typical process conditions. 

mRNA Vaccine Development: Planning, Workflow, And Supply Chain Success

A review of insights derived from the development of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines and how they can be applied to accelerate progress in the manufacture of vaccines and therapeutics moving forward.

Detecting And Analyzing Cytokines

We’ll show you how scientists are already using technology to do everything an ELISA does, but faster and with greater sensitivity and reproducibility.

Evaluation, Application Of Amsphere A3 In Purification Processes

This webinar reviews the results of comparisons of the Amsphere A3 resin to other high-performance Protein A resins available.

Top Four Considerations For Tech Transfer Performance

Successful tech transfer is how long-term strategic CDMO relationships begin. A product’s continued success may hinge on this critical exchange of product data and required regulatory filings.

How To Design An HPAPI Plant And Its Containment Systems

Dr. Friederike Hermann, head of occupational hygiene and biosafety, shares her expertise on requirements and evaluating the right containment that meets the needs of all process steps and stakeholders.

Improving Scale-Up Efficiency

A compilation of research experiences using an industry standard for a variety of adherent cell expansion applications, including viral vector manufacturing, stem cell expansion, and vaccine production.

Method Optimization: Assay Development Following Compendial Methods

There was a short time frame of only seven weeks to complete assay optimization and conduct pre-validation studies within the confines of USP<621>.

Increase Upstream Bioprocessing Efficiency With Process Analytics

The upstream bioprocess contributes significantly to product quality and manufacturing efficiency. This webcast presents strategies for inline process analytics aimed at automated feed control.

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