Newsletter | January 14, 2022

01.14.22 -- The Next Generation Orally Disintegrating Tablet

The Next-Generation ODT

Review new ways to administer peptides and vaccines with orally disintegrating tablet (ODT) technology and Zydis Ultra, which offers improved taste masking, innovative functional coating, and a wide range of applications from Rx to OTC.

Patient-Centric Drug Design: A Clinical And Academic Perspective

Most issues in pediatric drug development arise from the fact that drugs are traditionally developed for adults, not children. Explore delivery hurdles and potential improvements for the pediatric drug market.

Advanced Analytical Tools For Drug Product Development

Gain insights on the applications of analytical techniques including Raman spectroscopy, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry (MS). 

A Structured Approach To Enhancing Bioavailability For Early Development-Phase Molecules

An agile, parallel, and cross-functional approach, powered by a silo-free organizational structure, will help bring an effective dosage form to market faster. Explore the feasibility of this approach and the tools and processes that can help materialize it.