Article | November 23, 2015

The Healthcare Industy's Greatest Responsibility Is Quality

Source: ISPE
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The Healthcare Industy’s Greatest Responsibility Is Quality

By Francois Sallans, Quality & Compliance and Chief Quality Officer, Johnson & Johnson

Delivering safe and efficacious products to patients and care-givers is the healthcare industry's greatest responsibility.  The critical path to achieving this and fulfilling our responsibility is embedding quality in everything we do, and more importantly, into the thinking and actions of everyone in the system.

In its attempt to help end drug shortages, the ISPE Drug Shortage Prevention Plan (DSPP), proclaimed a quality culture as one that "encompasses an organization's practices, central values and philosophy as well as the concentration of all people and resources engaged in a never-ending quest for greater quality and service throughout ever dimension of the organization. Quality culture describes the importance of cross-functional, organization-wide commitment to quality, allowing the company to make decisions that best benefit patients".