Newsletter | August 5, 2022

08.05.22 -- The Booming Merger Of Biopharma Separation Techniques & Mass Spectrometry

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Increasing The Productivity Of mAb Purification

Increase operational flow rate steps to increase productivity without impacting the stability of the membrane bed.

How To Reduce The Complexity Of Single-Use Systems

This blog outlines five key benefits of genderless aseptic connectors and how they can lead to more flexibility, reduced risk, and lower costs for your organization.

Simplify Bioreactor Scale-Up And Scale-Down
We give an overview on the theory of scaling, present workflows and strategies, discuss what data are needed for successful scaling, and present case studies that use a web-based scaling tool.
Commercial Bioprocessing Outlook Overview

ISR offers the Commercial Bioprocessing Market Outlook to help innovators and providers alike make the best decisions possible for their respective businesses when it comes to choosing an outsourcing partner.

Virus Clearance Conquers mAb Solutions

Being able to demonstrate robust viral clearance under a wide range of process conditions provides flexibility for process development and avoids unwelcome surprises during validation. Read how the 3M™ Polisher ST is designed to operate in pre- or post-use integrity test conditions, accommodates a wide range of operating conditions, and has demonstrated the highest impurity removal rates.

Jumpstart Your Bioreactors: The Benefits Of Upstream Seed Train Intensification And High-Density Cell Banking

Learn how utilizing high-density cell banking workflows in combination with your already intensified upstream process can further enhance your process productivity while reducing contamination risks.

Key Enablers For Successful Late-Phase Biologic Drug Product Development And Launch

Late-phase development requires a holistic development strategy driven by a well-defined target product profile. This webinar aims to provide you with an overview of the complex path to a successful product launch.

Go With The Flow: Why Single-Use Assemblies Are In Demand

Explore how configuring custom single-use assemblies from all relevant components can improve your quality, compatibility, speed, applicability, and cost-efficiency.

Continuous Manufacturing And Late-Phase Strategy: The Time Is Now

Explore recent progress in continuous manufacturing and guidance for answering key questions related to implementation of continuous processing for late-phase development.                             

Raman vs. MIR Spectroscopy For Mammalian Cell Culture Monitoring

A direct comparison between the two technologies was conducted to investigate which system is more suitable for analyzing mammalian cell culture(s).

Accelerating Biologics Drug Development With An Analytical Toolkit

Using key attributes to monitor development processes can decrease timelines, improve product quality, reduce cost, and enable implementation of key knowledge gained from an analytical toolkit.

Three Reasons Integrated CDMO Models Are Best

Some of pharma’s top brands developed their own responses to the demand for strategic outsourcing, creating a distinct class of contract development and manufacturing services suppliers.

Inside Bioprocessing: Implementing Continuous Perfusion Bioprocessing

Hear from experts in the field of perfusion as they discuss the current state in continuous perfusion bioprocessing and its potential to enhance pharmaceutical production.

Process And Communication: Navigating Logistical Complexity In Matched Cellular Therapy Trials

In this case study, learn why ensuring that the site personnel and department processes are cohesive and able to accommodate the protocol-specific requirements is key to successful study execution.

Technology Integrators In Cell And Gene Therapy: Powering Innovation

Accelerated clinical trial timelines for advanced therapeutics are on the rise. With fast-track status designations, it is increasingly critical for innovators to have efficient and scalable production processes.

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