A Unified Solution For Streamlined Lab And Materials Management And Improved Safety

Source: Dassault Systemes Americas

BIOVIA’s Sustainable Lab Industry Process Experience integrates people, resources, processes, data and interfaces for streamlined workflows, data compliance and improved collaboration providing knowledge for improved efficiency, faster product innovation and IP capture.

This combination will streamline the three critical phases of experimentation – exploratory, optimization and scale-up – creating the backbone of an organization's "Innovation Machine" reducing the time to innovate while developing only the best of candidates that can scale up into production.

The Sustainable Lab Industry Process Experience provides a standardized understanding and usage of laboratory equipment, materials and procedure steps reducing redundant work and inefficiencies. It allows for better understanding of the processes and data, providing knowledge to be used empirically or to build and refine models that can be used for future laboratory experimentation and testing providing faster insight to get to the desired outcome.