Article | December 19, 2012

Supply Chain Innovations

Source: DDN


As drugs and therapies become increasingly sophisticated, such scientific innovation creates complex distribution challenges for life science manufacturers.  Because these advanced treatments are frequently temperature sensitive, they often must be delivered rapidly using technology capable of preserving their efficacy.

As life science and cold chain experts, the question for our industry is how to keep pace with the constantly changing demands brought on by this rapid scientific innovation.

For the specialty pharmacy industry, there are multiple challenges:  therapies often are extremely expensive, termperature sensitive, and have short shelf lives, making it difficult and economically challenging for wholesalers to maintain an inventory.

A manufacturer may spend years developing a product that saves lives, but that product is useless unless it's the proper condition and arrives within the critical time frame necessary when medical emergencies arise.  There always is a need for faster, better ways of distributing drugs - just as there always is a need for better, more effective medications.