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Streamlining Pharm Drug Development: Yes, It's Time.

Source: Patheon – part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
Streamlining Pharm Drug Development: Yes, It’s Time.

“We’ve always known that working with multiple CMOs is inefficient — there are handoff issues and no incentive for vendors to work together to speed the process. An integrated CDMO could eliminate many steps and save time by parallel processing other steps. Reducing time to milestone is a top priority for us — this would be highly valuable.”
— Small pharma CEO1

The path from molecule to market isn’t getting any easier.
The costs of drug development continue to rise. Dramatically. According to a 2015 report by Deloitte, costs have increased by a third in just the last five years2. If that weren’t trouble enough, sales during the same time frame have tumbled 50%3. Increased expenditure and decreased income are a bad combination — especially in an industry where the average cost to bring a new product to market approaches $2.6 billion4. It also helps explain why the ROI on R&D is also down 50%5. Obviously, these numbers are not sustainable in the long run. A fundamental change needs to be made, and soon. But this isn’t news. Nobody in the pharmaceutical industry is unaware of these trends — or their underlying meaning. So what’s the solution?

Patheon – part of Thermo Fisher Scientific