Newsletter | May 25, 2023

05.25.23 -- Strategies To Ensure Success: Getting It Right The First Time

DEVELOPICK™: High-Throughput Developability Assessment To Enable Efficient Formulation Development

An early-stage assessment tool can mitigate development risk and help minimize scale-up risk by facilitating the identification of potential issues — as well as informing the development of strategies to address them — before those issues become major problems. This process also is conducive to developing a more effective drug product.

Overcoming Cell Line Development Challenges Through Early-Stage Assessment And Management

The biopharmaceutical industry is trending toward building process characterization systems and processes early in a project’s life cycle, enabling success for later-stage development. In parallel, work must be done to prepare development and manufacturing for that later stage, whether to enable studies or to commercialize the product.

Key Considerations To Ensure Product Stability And Patient Safety In Aseptic Fill/Finish Manufacturing

Not all CDMOs are suitably equipped to handle aseptic processing and sterile F/F operations on a clinical and a commercial scale. Samsung Biologics excels by offering robust safety measures and global reach, driven by continuous investment in initiatives that facilitate high product quality at greater speed and with more process flexibility.

Choose A CDMO Partner That Integrates Market Intelligence For Aseptic Fill And Finish

Today, a plethora of CDMOs provide aseptic fill/finish services around the world. However, to offer customers favorable outcomes and exceptional value, a CDMO must make the curation and integration of deep market intelligence a core part of its service offering.

Samsung Biologics, Your End-To-End CDMO Service Provider

Samsung Biologics is a fully integrated, end-to-end CDMO service provider offering seamless development and manufacturing solutions from cell line development to final aseptic fill/finish for biologics. Our facilities are cGMP compliant with bioreactor sizes ranging from small to large scale, enabling us to better serve the various needs of our clients and to meet growing biomanufacturing demands.


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