Newsletter | March 20, 2020

03.20.20 -- Solving Oral Dose Development Challenges

Solvents, Polymers, And Cyclones: Bioavailability Enhancement Through Spray-Dried Dispersions
Very few new molecular entities in active clinical development are readily bioavailable, and, when dosed at escalated levels, even these may not be sufficiently absorbed. Learn how spray-dried amorphous dispersion might help.
Pediatric Drug Delivery: Challenges And Solutions

Arguably the biggest challenge in pediatric oral solid formulation development is to develop flexible dosage forms with measurable and easy-to-administer dosages, preferably formulated with taste-masking properties for better acceptance of the drug formulation in children. This Q&A session with formulation and bioavailability experts addresses formulation challenges for pediatric populations and how they are overcoming them.

Venerated And Vital: Using Lipid-Based Delivery For Fast And Efficient Early-Phase Development

Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of recent developments in lipid-based drug delivery systems, novel lipid excipients, models, screening tools for early-phase development of lipid-based drug delivery systems, and using mechanistic studies and modeling to predict the impact of lipids on oral absorption.

Fast Track To Early Development From Candidate Selection To Phase 1

An efficient process from candidate selection to Phase 1 that reduces risk and offers the best chance of success is invaluable in accelerating your development path.