Newsletter | October 6, 2021

10.06.21 -- Solving Aseptic Filling Challenges With Single-Use Manifolds

Solving The Challenges Of Adapting Single-Use Systems In Aseptic Filling Applications

When it comes to highly valuable — and highly sensitive — drug substances, every drop counts and losing a batch due to cross contamination or issues in the cleanroom is just not an option. Reliability is key, be it in terms of filling assemblies or other applications necessary for production.

Improving Scalability And Flexibility With Individualized Manifold Assemblies

A CMO faced a challenge with the commercialized automated filling of small bags with a volume of 500 ml. The provided single-use assemblies on the market did not match their requirements. Read how a customized solution of single-use manifolds was the solution.

5 Advantages Of A Single-Use Manifold Configurator

The interface between system and bags — or bottles — often proves to be a bottleneck and it becomes difficult if not impossible to connect the one with the other.  Learn how you can easily adapt your single-use filling assemblies to meet changing needs and continue their production and filling processes.