Newsletter | August 5, 2022

08.05.22 -- Solutions For Your Fermentation Projects

Allegro Connect Buffer Management System

Allegro Connect buffer management system provides in-line dilution of buffer at point of use. Designed to simplify and improve process buffer workflow by providing ‘just-in-time’ process buffer directly to the unit operation.

Xcellerex XDR MO Single-Use Stirred-Tank Fermentors

Single-use, stirred-tank fermentor systems for growing microbial cultures, in two sizes: 50 L and 500 L. Microorganism growth performance comparable with conventional stainless steel fermentors.Powerful mass transfer from a high-power input, two-stage impeller. Oxygen transfer capacity that supports high-density fermentation. Dimpled, jacketed heat transfer surface for efficient heating and effective cooling. Robust bag design with no leakage-prone mechanical seals.

Screening Of Chemically-Defined Media For Suspension Cultures Of HEK293 Cells

Regular cell media analysis can establish a historical record to refer to in case any unexpected variations arise in the culture’s health and productivity.

Single-use Bioreactors For Platform Scalability

Adoption of single-use bioreactor platforms across all scales, ranging from benchtop to production, are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and operational flexibility.

ambr 250 High Throughput Bioreactor System For Parallel Fermentation Or Cell Culture

Ambr 250 High Throughput is a enhanced parallel microbial or cell culture system using 100 - 250 mL single-use bioreactors with a fully automated liquid handling platform. The system provides a high precision environment that supports the demands of microbial fermentation and mammalian cultures.

Fermentation Systems

Whether you prefer the convenience of a single-use bioreactor, the flexibility of an autoclavable system, or the robustness of a sterilizable-in-place (SIP) production-scale reactor, we have a system right for you.

3,000 L And 5,000 L HyPerforma DynaDrive Single-Use Bioreactor

The Thermo Scientific HyPerforma DynaDrive Single-Use Bioreactor (S.U.B.) is our latest advancement in S.U.B. technology; it offers better performance and is scalable to larger volumes than previous bioreactors. The complete HyPerforma DynaDrive S.U.B. system consists of a 3,000 or 5,000 L bioreactor tank and a Thermo Scientific HyPerforma DynaDrive BioProcess Container (BPC).

BioOptimal MF-SL Hollow Fiber Microfilter

This hollow fiber microfilter utilizes an efficient filtration mechanism based on size exclusion and tangential flow filtration. These two aspects allow the filter to smoothly and effectively separate the contents of a solution.