Newsletter | November 20, 2020

11.20.20 -- Solutions For Your Fermentation Projects

Gain Practical Insights From Our Actual Process Run

Watch our connected perfusion project and follow our step by step journey from N-1 to final product as we discuss our weekly progress. Hear valuable tips from our upstream and downstream scientists in our digital series Connecting the Dots.

Single-Use Fermentation Vessel

The BioBLU 0.3f and BioBLU 1f Single-Use Vessels allow microbial process development at the highest level. These rigid wall, stirred-tank single-use vessels have been specifically designed for high cell density fermentation with bacteria, fungi and yeast.

Medium Preparation For Single-Use Fermentation

To overcome many of the challenges associated with stainless steel vessels, single-use fermentors offer an increasingly viable alternative. 

Improve Accuracy And Efficiency By Tackling The Eight Wastes Of Lean

The principles and practices of lean manufacturing are widely used in industries across the globe to continuously improve processes, drive efficiencies and reduce costs. Here is how the SciLog® FD System can help manufacturers tackle the eight wastes, and support them in implementing lean production strategies.

Single-use Bioreactors For Platform Scalability

Adoption of single-use bioreactor platforms across all scales, ranging from benchtop to production, are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and operational flexibility.

UniVessel Single Use Bioreactor For CHO Fed-Batch Cultures

How single use (SU) bioreactors reduce turn-around time and labor required for cleaning and autoclaving traditional glass vessels and minimize associated costs for maintenance and repair. 

Solutions For Monoclonal Antibody Manufacturing

In the production of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), manufacturing challenges such as reducing visibility, increasing yields, effective separation of impurities in downstream purification or achieving high protein concentration in formulation and drug product stability must be effectively managed in order to successfully complete regulatory review processes and bring new, life-altering medicines to the market.

Boost Profits With Single-Use Powder Transfer In Biopharma Manufacturing

While media and buffer materials have been notorious contributors to airborne particulates and contamination in the past, they don’t have to be. 

Inline Buffer Formulation

Our award-winning IBD™ technology, generates accurate and reproducible buffers on-demand from concentrates to save you time, space and money.

HyPerforma Glass Bioreactors

The Thermo Scientific™ HyPerforma™ Glass Bioreactors are available in 1, 3, 7, and 15 L sizes. They offer easy operation and rapid assembly and are manufactured with the highest standards for materials and surface finish. Developed using a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulator, the HyPerforma Glass Bioreactor impellers provide maximum mixing with minimum shear force, resulting in a higher average kLa.