News | June 8, 2020

Single Use Support Celebrates Entering The Indian Market With Their Local Partners PharmNXTBiotech

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One of the most renowned biopharmaceutical companies in India orders the complete product range of the start-up company Single Use Support based in Austria. The large order associated with this not only opens up the emerging Indian biopharma market, but also underlines the growing relevance of holistic process solutions.

With its developed technologies, the Tyrolean start-up company Single Use Support GmbH is bringing about an important evolutionary step in the biopharma industry, as it is the first to offer holistic solutions for handling liquid pharmaceuticals: from protection in so-called single-use bags to fully automatic filling and freezing, refrigerated transport, thawing and emptying of the drugs. This specially developed process called BULK.STREAM® is the company's hobby horse and stands out on the market thanks to its coordinated systems and process steps.

An Indian biopharma giant has now ordered the complete product portfolio and thus established the BULK.STREAM® together with the comprehensive technologies for the production of cancer and diabetes therapies. After major orders have already been implemented in large parts of Europe, the USA and China, SUSupport is conquering another promising market with India.

Single Use Support closes the gap in biopharma industry
The fully automated RoSS.FILL filling system is used for sterile filling of liquid substances in single use bags. Up to 20 bags can be filled in parallel with a total volume of up to 200 liters within a very short time. The Freeze-Thaw platform, in turn, is a system that guarantees controlled freezing and thawing of the intermediates. In addition, the high-quality substances of the pharmaceutical manufacturers can be transported safely, sterile and frozen around the world with the help of transport containers from Single Use Support. With its product innovations and BULK.STREAM®, the innovative start-up company closes a technological gap in the biopharmaceutical industry.

“The risk of product loss is reduced if all technologists are from a single source. With complete solutions, we can increase patient safety and minimize the risk of bio-contamination.” says Johannes Kirchmair, co-founder of Single Use Support, proud of the order from India.

Ambitious growth plans
Due to the constantly increasing demand and the increased internationalization, the start-up company shows constant growth. “We currently employ just over 30 people at the headquarters in Kufstein. The number of employees is planned to increase to 40 by the end of the year.” says Thomas Wurm, co-founder of Single Use Support, an outlook on the further planned growth. "We are looking for both young professionals and experienced professionals, for example from the fields of electrical engineering, automation, engineering and project management as well as IT and business management - ideally with international experience".

Single Use Support GmbH – The Company
What started with a vision in a garage quickly developed into a global technology company. Single Use Support GmbH was founded in 2016 by Johannes Kirchmair and Thomas Wurm. The company specializes in the development and production of mechatronic systems for the pharmaceutical industry. In cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies, the start-up company develops solutions for a 100% safe liquid logistics process. Single Use Support offers innovative product solutions that enable high-quality, vital drug substances in so-called single-use bags to be transported safely, sterile and frozen around the world. The start-up's customers are well-known pharmaceutical companies in Europe, Asia and America.

Single Use Support has been awarded as the winner of the Tyrolean Innovation Award and the Young Entrepreneur Award in 2018. In 2019, Single Use Support achieved first place in the young entrepreneurs award in the category “Export” of the business magazine “Gewinn”. Single Use Support currently employs over 30 people. In 2020, the company will exceed the 40 employee mark and is planning sales of EUR 14 million. Management expects sales to double again in 2021. For more information, visit

Source: Single Use Support