Newsletter | October 9, 2021

10.09.21 -- Simplify And Speed Biologics Development

SMARTag ADC Stands Out In The Crowd Of HER2-Targeted Conjugates

Due to its modularity, the SMARTag conjugation platform can be broadly applied to various disease contexts. The platform also leverages ease of analytics and a critical ability to deliver efficacy coupled with good tolerability.

Keys To Successful Technology Transfers

The choice of potential technology transfer partners can be bewildering. Mike Valazza, vice president, global business development, shares some of the factors that should be considered when making this decision.

Intensified Fed-Batch Process Using N-1 Perfusion And ambr 15

Learn how to combine N-1 perfusion with the ambr 15 bioreactor system to create a powerful tool for the rapid development of a highly efficient cell culture process.

A Strategy To Remove Formulation Development From The Critical Path During Biologics Development

As the product development program progresses to the Phase 3 clinical stage, formulation development is required to ensure drug product quality and stability during manufacturing, storage, and clinical administration.