Cold Chain

NEXT Generation Cell Culture Intensification: Taking the shortcut in biopharma upstream manufacturing process!

SEED.STREAM by Single Use Support describes the next generation of cell culture intensification - the process of how to intensify the inoculation and seed train in the so-called Upstream of biopharmaceutical manufacturers at any scale by means of technologies by Single Use Support. This process includes end-to-end qualification during filling, freezing, thawing and draining of drug substance.

At the very early stage of biopharma drug substance manufacturing, the cell banking during upstream, cells are being nurtured from 1 ml to more than 2000 liters within approx. 5 weeks. There are many potential pitfalls in terms of sterility and appropriate cell perfusion when it comes to growing cell lines to their full potential. Seed train intensification is a way to circumvent the continuous “back to start” with 1 ml and to benefit from the already expanded cells into bioreactors.

  • More than 60% time savings -> start at 5 instead of at 0, every time.
  • Reduce contamination potential -> close your cell seeding into cryobags.
  • Be room independent -> distribute seed train intermediates to decentralized global production facilities.

And this is where the SEED.STREAM, the next generation of seed train intensification, comes into play.

The very fragile cells need advanced automation, process control and high cell density cryopreservation in order to

  • secure sterility by process in a closed system
  • avoid manual handling
  • reduce environmental requirements at the manufacturing site
  • accelerate the speed of production
  • simplify the operation in-plant and
  • save huge operation costs during repetitive upstream

If you want to be on the safe side when growing a beautiful flower, you’d also rather plant seedlings instead of casting seeds.