Newsletter | May 12, 2022

05.12.22 -- Remove The Hassle From Bioprocessing: The Solution You Need From Start To Finish

See What's Inside Your AAV Capsids

Viral capsid content can impact gene therapy product efficacy and is therefore considered a CQA that must be properly evaluated during the development and manufacturing of AAVs. We explain how to quickly develop a method to characterize and assess the stability of empty, intermediate, and full AAVs capsids at native and stability screening conditions, providing robust and reproducible data.

Next-Generation Analytical Solutions For Cell & Gene Therapies

In this e-book, we review analytical platforms that give you the automation and scalability needed for the development and manufacturing of cell and gene therapy products, and with low volume requirements, to help you preserve these precious samples. Read how the platform methods can be seamlessly transferred across labs and project phases, from discovery to manufacturing, giving you consistent results from start to finish.

Rapidly Quantifying The Content Ratio In AAV Samples

There exists a need for better methods and systems for the efficient and sensitive quantification of empty/full status of AAV samples to be used for gene delivery. Learn more about a novel method for quantifying the DNA content of AAV particles with Simple Western™, a next-generation biomolecular analytical tool that seamlessly combines capillary electrophoresis and immunodetection with conventional Western blot antibodies.

HEK 293 HCP Detection Using The Automated ELISA Platform

To meet increasing business demands and safety standards, fast and reproducible detection of HCPs is essential during viral vector and protein production. In this application note, we demonstrate a utility for fast, accurate detection and quantitation of HEK HCP contaminants from viral vector and protein production samples.

Bioprocess Workflow Solutions

The best designed biologics manufacturing processes are efficient and reproducible. Streamlining the many steps in process development translates to less time required to get your product to market. Learn how you can test all your samples during development to save time and money downstream and confirm the integrity of your final products.

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