Newsletter | January 17, 2019

01.17.19 -- Raw Material Management: Working Together To Overcome Variability

Amgen’s Digital Transformation: Linking Raw Material Data From Suppliers To Patients

Using its supplier relationship excellence (SRE) program, Amgen opened the lines of communication with suppliers and created a feedback loop where data can be shared to better understand operational performance. 

How Biogen Integrated Process Analytics Technology With End-To-End Supply Chain Transparency

To drive appropriate and dependable critical process control requirements Biogen explored several novel strategies to increase process and raw material control and optimize communication of data throughout the supply chain.

The Past And Future Of Managing Raw Material And Process Risks In Biomanufacturing

How far have we come in raw material supply management, and what still needs to be accomplished to ensure the delivery of safe and effective drugs?

Industry 4.0: Digitally Tackling Productivity And Growth Challenges

By applying remote monitoring solutions, advanced modeling, and optimization of manufacturing processes, Industry 4.0 offers improved process reliability and product quality through unlimited possibilities of connecting machines and data.

Q&A: Raw Material Variability Control — Where Do We Go From Here?

Managing raw material variation and process risks is critical to ensuring a high level of quality and consistency in drug development and manufacturing. A conjoined effort of all stakeholders is needed to identify best practices and apply them in their daily roles to mitigate potential risks.

Raw Materials Management: Technology Advancements Improving Transparency And Global Collaboration

Download the full eBook and explore the thoughts and approaches from experts who gathered at the second annual Raw Materials Variation and Control Symposium to discuss how we can ensure our supply chain is fit for purpose.