Newsletter | June 28, 2022

06.28.22 -- Protecting Drug Products With Freeze/Thaw Technology


Bringing The Freezing Of Biopharmaceuticals In From The Cold

In this paper, we review end-to-end freezing solutions that integrate bulk filling, storage, shipping, thawing, and fill/finish operations to minimize risk and preserve product quality.

Freeze/Thaw Solutions
Freezing Biologics For Storage And Transport

The process of freezing biologics for storage and transport is expected to play an increasingly important role in optimizing the supply chain as markets and production sites become more diverse. As the chosen freezing method can affect both product quality and amount of product loss, it is important to fully understand this critical step in the process. In this video we discuss an end-to-end solution to fill, freeze, transport, and thaw bulk drug substances.

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Freeze And Go Solutions

Choose Pall's Freeze and Go solutions for the safe and robust freezing, storage, transportation, and thawing of drug substance. The combination of Pall's Allegro™ single-use systems, protected by Single Use Support's RoSS® technology, bridges the gap between drug substance and fill/finish operations to minimize the risk of product loss and safeguard quality.

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