PreDictor RoboColumn: Prepacked Columns Of Chromatography Media

Source: Cytiva
ge healthcare predictor robocolumns

PreDictor RoboColumn units are mini columns prepacked with Cytiva BioProcess chromatography media. When used together with a robotoic system such as Tecan, PreDictor RoboColumn units perform automated parallel screening of media and process conditions with minimal sample consumption. 

PreDictor RoboColumn units are miniaturized columns prepacked with a wide range of BioProcess chromatography media for high-throughput process development (HTPD). Designed for robotic liquid handling, they offer workstation owners a fast and flexible means of generating valuable data. The columns are available for several chromatographic techniques such as ion exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography, multimodal chromatography, and hydrophobic interaction chromatography.

These miniaturized columns support HTPD using a robotic liquid handling workstation, such as Freedom EVO from Tecan, for fully automated and parallel chromatographic separations. HTPD shortens time-to-clinic and increases understanding in early process development by allowing the parallel evaluation of large numbers of experimental parameters with less sample consumption. With screening results from PreDictor RoboColumn and/or PreDictor plates, process developers can move on to prepacked HiTrap or HiScreen columns for further optimization/finetuning and verification prior to scale-up.
PreDictor RoboColumn units include the following benefits:

  • Supports HTPD by allowing parallel screening of chromatographic conditions
  • Facilitates screening of a wide range of parameters with small sample consumption
  • Prepacked with a range of Cytiva Healthcare BioProcess chromatography media
  • High-throughput workflow allows investigation of enlarged experimental workspace for better process understanding

PreDictor RoboColumn offers:

  • Miniaturized column format: facilitates screening of a wide range of parameters with small sample consumption
  • Reduced experimental time: automation and parallel screening minimizes manual labor and saves time
  • Increased process understanding: high-throughput workflow allows investigation of enlarged experimental space for better process understanding.

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