Pre-activated Resins For Ligand Immobilization To Facilitate The Creation Of Customized Affinity Purification Media

Source: Purolite Life Sciences

Pre-activated Resins

In the development of biopharmaceuticals there are times when an off the shelf affinity chromatography medium is unavailable or isn't highly selective for the target molecule being purified. It is possible then to design a custom chromatography solution by coupling a specific ligand to a pre-activated resin.

To enable the development of customized affinity purification media, Purolite has recently launched three pre-activated resins for ligand immobilization. The resins, Praesto NHS, Praesto CNBr, and Praesto Epoxy and are well suited for research, diagnostic and academic applications and are available in three particle sizes - 45µm, 65µm and 90µm.

The ability to create custom affinity purification media enables rapid scale up from R&D proof of concept to larger scale bioprocess production columns. In addition a wide range of resins maximizes facility productivity and can improve process economics  significantly.