Newsletter | November 19, 2021

11.19.21 -- Patient-Centric Drug Design And Flexible Manufacturing

Strategies For Flexible Manufacturing

Custom-designed equipment and suites, flexible manufacturing lines, and alternative delivery and manufacturing approaches are critical to achieving a timely and successful launch in a competitive marketplace.

Developing Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems And Oral Dosage Forms

Experts share fundamental principles, advantages, and disadvantages of different dose forms, and the considerations for selecting a suitable dosage form for early-phase development programs through commercialization.

Patient-Centric Drug Design: A Clinical And Academic Perspective

Most issues in pediatric drug development arise from the fact that drugs are traditionally developed for adults and not children. Explore delivery hurdles and potential improvements for the pediatric drug market.

Zydis Fast-Dissolve Technologies: Effective Dose Forms For Pediatric Health

Patient compliance with medication is a complex problem and can be especially challenging for pediatric populations. Zydis fast-dissolve formulations are an effective solution, due to extremely rapid dispersion in the mouth and the smooth, pleasant taste.

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