Newsletter | August 27, 2019

08.27.19 -- Patient-Centric Drug Design: A Clinical And Academic Perspective

Patient-Centric Drug Design: A Clinical And Academic Perspective

Successful drug delivery to pediatric patients depends on overcoming basic differences between children and adults. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic differences can make drug development challenging for very young patients. One can think of pediatric medicines as one of the last uncharted frontiers in patient-centric drug development. Read about the many improvements in pediatric drug development that have occurred during the last 15 years and what is being done to continue moving forward.

Solutions For Challenging Compounds Using Softgel Innovation

For the last 80 years, softgel technology has brought poorly water soluble and/or permeable BCS II and IV compounds to market by improving their bioavailability. However, it is challenging to find optimal development solutions to enhance bioavailability for drug compounds contained within complex fill formulations. Research studies have established that the plant polysaccharides-based OptiShell technology can accommodate a wider range of excipients and more molecules.

A Structured Approach To Enhancing Bioavailability For Early Development-Phase Molecules

The extensive timeline to develop a drug is due to a multitude of formulation challenges that formulation experts face. When it comes to solving these challenges, there have been significant advancements in drug development techniques to counter them, including bioavailability, stability, efficacy, manufacturability, and safety. This e-book explores tools and processes that can further help provide a solution.

Real-World Dosing Solutions For Patients

Zydis ODT (orally dissolving tablet) fast-dissolve formulation is a unique, freeze-dried oral solid dosage form that disperses almost instantly in the mouth — no water required. Whether you are considering an ODT to enhance pharmacokinetics through pregastric absorption, looking for a way to improve patient compliance, or seeking a marketing advantage for a valued brand, this technology solution can help enhance the value of your investment and accelerate a product’s potential.