Webinar | May 8, 2017

Oral Delivery Of Macromolecule Drugs For Localized Treatment Of GI Diseases

Source: Catalent

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract such as chronic idiopathic constipation, enteric infections, and inflammatory bowel disease affect millions of patients worldwide. Many treatments for these diseases are macromolecule drugs. Many are injected and only a fraction of the administered dose reaches the target sites.

Oral formulation of macromolecule drugs presents numerous advantages over injections, such as better patient acceptance and adherence, easier dosing and better therapeutic profile. A handful of oral peptide and protein drugs are available on the market for local treatment. There are many challenges faced by formulation scientists including the inherent physicochemical challenges of macromolecules and the altered gut physiologies of these disease states.

In this webinar, experts review the physiological changes of gut diseases and discuss how formulation approaches can potentially enable local delivery of macromolecule drugs orally with case studies.


  • Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr, Professor at Saarland University and cofounder of the Helmholtz Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Saarland
  • Ronak Savla, Pharm.D., Ph.D., Scientific Affairs Manager, Catalent Pharma Solutions