News | November 21, 2017

New Stax™ mAx Clarification Platform from Pall Life Sciences Delivers Robust, Accelerated Performance Across Multiple mAb Processes

Source: Pall Biotech
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Port Washington, NY Pall Corporation, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification, is formally introducing the Stax mAx clarification platform, a robust solution for the economic clarification of monoclonal antibody cell cultures without centrifugation or process additives. The single-use harvesting platform features a 4-layer concept, and has been optimized to maintain performance as cell density and viability change to minimize the impact of process variability between batches. Media configurations are available in many formats to scale directly from bench-top testing up to large-scale clinical production.

“As cell densities increase, demand has grown for less challenging, more economical—both footprint and cost-wise—clarification solutions,” said Mario Philips, Vice President and General Manager of Pall Life Sciences. “The Stax mAx clarification platform was born from Pall’s legacy strength in filtration, and leverages our proven Stax single-use capsule system. This latest addition to our portfolio, once again, reflects our commitment to delivering innovative total solutions to our customers.”

The pre-selected 4-layer, 2 stage platform features sequentially finer grades to remove aggregates, whole cells and cell debris. Constructed to retain a small footprint across a wide range of feed streams (with cell densities of up 35 x 106 cells/mL, and feed turbidities of up to around 3,000 NTU), the Stax mAx clarification platform is scalable to support 1,000 to 2,000 L cell culture volumes.

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SOURCE: Pall Biotech