Nalgene Certified Clean Polycarbonate Biotainer Carboys

Source: Thermo Fisher Scientific

certified clean-Biotainers

Specifically designed for pharmaceutical and biological manufacturing, Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Certified Clean Polycarbonate Biotainer™ Carboys are sterile containers, free from added interfering chemicals and low in particulates, are required to maintain both cleanroom as well as product integrity.

  • Certified and lot-to-lot tested to meet USP <788> low particulate requirements to limit potential particulate contamination
  • Clean room produced in ISO Class 7 to limit particulates during molding 
  • Sterile, ready-to-use products with robust triple-layer packaging for clean room use
  • Certified low endotoxin (0.50 EU/mL) according to USP <85> to limit pyrogens
  • Durable, translucent PC construction ensures the integrity of your sample, even frozen to -100°C.
  • Products can be supplied with certificates, forced extraction studies and validation binders (provided under a confidentiality agreement) 
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