Application Note

Mixing And Heating-Cooling Characterization Data For The Xcellerex XDM 50 Single-Use Mixer

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences
GE Heathcare

This application note describes mixing and heating-cooling characterization data for the Xcellerex XDM 50 single-use mixer. A design of experiments (DoE) approach to liquid-liquid mixing was successfully applied to establish a model to predict the mixing time throughout the working range. Liquid-liquid mixing times as low as 14 s were observed at the nominal volume (50 L) and highest viscosity tested (20 cP). Further, in the solid-liquid mixing, PBS was mixed to 95% homogeneity (tm95) in less than 20 s (50 L volume) while HyClone™ HyCell™ CHO powdered medium was mixed in less than 3 min (45 L volume). Heating of liquid from 5°C to 20°C and 20°C to 37°C was achieved within 1.2 h for all tested volumes (17, 33.5, and 50 L). Cooling from 37°C to 20°C and 20°C to 5°C was achieved within 1.3 h except cooling from 20°C to 5°C at the 17 L volume which took 2.1 h.