Point-Of-Use Integrity Test Of Your Single-Use Bag


100% secure integrity test for single use bags – "at point-of-use" and across all manufacturers.

MITS.2D® is a patented technology that allows users of single use consumables to test their assemblies at the point of use. The technology is based on Helium as tracer gas. This gas is inert and does not have any negative impact on the product. Helium allows to detect leaks with a size of 2 microns and smaller.


  • 100% integrity test of single use bags
  • 2-micron detection limit (bacteria penetration)
  • Less than 60 seconds test time per bag
  • Every MITS.2D  is suitable for single use bags up to 20 liters
  • Bioburden reduction & avoidance of endotoxins
  • Test ALL assembly groups
  • Patented technology