Application Note

Method For Optimizing mAb Polishing Using CMM HyperCel™ Mixed-Mode Cation Exchanger

Source: Pall Biotech
Pall: provider of filtration, purification and separation technologies

mAbs are produced for a number of therapeutic applications. However, mAbs are not a homogeneous family of products. Each mAb is unique, based on its isoelectric point, hydrophobicity and ability to aggregate. Additionally, the contaminant HCP content is process-dependent.

CMM HyperCel sorbent is a mixed-mode product. Its aminobenzoic acid ligand confers cation exchange properties via the carboxyl group, and hydrophobicity through its aromatic ring.

CMM HyperCel sorbent is a high performance salt-tolerant mixed-mode cation exchanger which combines the selectivity power of a mixed-mode sorbent and the high binding capacity of a cation exchanger. It enables the separation of the target molecule from physically similar contaminants. CMM HyperCel sorbent binds mAb over a broad range of conductivity and pH, which helps incorporating the sorbent into a process without adjusting the load buffer condition, and eliminating dilution/diafiltration steps.