Download | October 12, 2018

This market research report goes into depth on the manufacturing aspect of biosimilars. Manufacturing these complex products in a cost efficient manner will be a critical component to successfully commercializing biosimilars and the anticipated boom. Outsourced manufacturing decision-makers share their perspectives on selling and manufacturing biosimilars, how much biosimilar manufacturing is expected to be outsourced, comfort levels in outsourcing to particular CMOs and the key challenges associated with the manufacture of biosimilars. You can purchase a single-user license for individual use, a site-wide license giving access to the report for all employees within a single site/office location, or an enterprise-wide license giving access to all employees within your organization. You can also download a free preview file below.

How To Use The Report:

  • Understand the motivations for selling and/or manufacturing biosimilars and biobetters
  • Primary drivers for outsourcing biosimilar manufacturing and perceived challenges in biosimilar manufacturing
  • Get an early indication of market leaders by knowing which contract manufacturers respondents would be most comfortable using for biosimilar production

For Biopharma:

  • Understand and assess perceived challenges to biosimilar manufacturing to make an informed decision on whether to enter the market. For biopharmas already in the market, make a more educated CMO selection for an outsourced biosimilar project.

For CMO:

  • Start to understand the market potential for outsourced biosimilars manufacturing with respect to CMO selection attributes, desired bioprocessing equipment, and preferred manufacturing geographies.

Learn more by downloading the free preview file, or by purchasing the full report below.