Article | August 9, 2016

Making Novel Therapies A Reality Part 1

Source: MilliporeSigma
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Making Novel Therapies A Reality Part 1

Cell therapy, gene therapy, and RNA-based therapies. Right now, those are the classes of therapies we’re considering novel. If you look at it historically, ten years ago, recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies would have been novel therapies, but now they’ve become very much standardized. So now that bar has moved a little bit, and the novel therapies are really cell and gene therapies, and to a certain extent the RNA therapies.

This brings us to an interesting question: how do you define a novel therapy versus a new drug? It’s two-fold. One is: what’s its mode of action? How does it work therapeutically, and is that very different from the current drug classes? And second is: how do you make it and demonstrate that it works really well? And cell and gene therapies are completely different in these regards.