Integrated Drug Discovery

Source: GVK Biosciences

GVK BIO utilizes its expertise in Medicinal Chemistry, CADD, DMPK, In Vitro and In Vivo models to provide customized Integrated Drug Discovery Solutions leading to preclinical candidates. Our strong scientific team works closely with clients to select and execute the most promising strategy to deliver project goals in the shortest possible time. We have a proven track record of providing cost effective, innovative and highly efficient solution towards delivering clinical candidates to our collaborators.

Our integrated drug discovery team has capabilities across

Hit Identification
Virtual Screening, High-throughput Screening on commercial/client provided library and Knowledge-based design

Lead Generation
Multi-parameter optimization (MPO): Identification of potent and selective compounds with desirable PK features

Lead Optimization
Optimization of Potency, PK, efficacy and safety profiling to deliver a preclinical candidate

Integrated Drug Discovery Team

Small molecule drug discovery requires a deep knowledge of disease biology and medicinal chemistry. Over the years, GVK BIO has developed an expertise in the area of oncology, pain, inflammation and cardio-metabolic diseases. GVK BIO integrated drug discovery solutions team has the experience of working in big pharma in the west and bring with them the expertise and know-how to advance small molecule into clinics.

Auxiliary Drug Discover Team

Our medicinal chemists work in collaboration with a strong group of 1000+ synthetic chemists. Their experience is utilized at various stages of drug discovery right from library synthesis, reference molecule synthesis, asymmetric synthesis and scale-up. They also bring variety in terms of having hands-on experience with not only heterocyclic chemistry but also carbohydrate, peptide, steroid and nucleotide chemistry. A team of 100+ biologists (India and USA) routinely assist collaborators with protein production, assay development, DMPK and In Vivo disease models. The vast experience is utilized effectively by the discovery team integrated during discovery programs.

GVK BIO Advantage – Discover the Difference

IP and Confidentiality:

  • Restricted access control to ensure IP protection and confidentiality of client programs
  • Training to the team on IP sensitivity
  • Secured IT infrastructure with Websense Triton APX DLP implemented to protect against advanced threats and data theft
  • No Conflict Model: Target exclusivity is given to the client


  • Flexible business models
  • Ability to quickly scale-up infrastructure and skilled manpower as per client requirement