Infectious Disease Antigens

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All ABI infectious disease antigens are prepared with the needs of the diagnostic manufacturing community in mind
All ABI infectious disease antigens are prepared with the needs of the diagnostic manufacturing community in mind. Every product has been carefully optimized and characterized for maximum assurance of high sensitivity and specificity in a variety of antibody detection assay formats. Where possible, antigen preparations have been developed using the performance of existing 510(k) approved diagnostic assays or kits as a reference point.

Purification strategies vary according to the product and the intended use and include immunoaffinity purification of individual relevant proteins, conventional chromatographic separations, ultracentrifugation, and proprietary extraction methodologies. In all cases, antigen function, stability, and reproducibility are given the critical attention necessary to ensure that our antigens are of the highest quality available.

Each batch of antigen, after extraction, purification, and titer adjustment, is aliquoted to two-vial sizes (1.0 and 25 milliliters) before freezing and final quality control testing. In this way, a one-milliliter sample of a particular lot truly represents the larger size aliquot.

Product Description: EBV Viral Capsid Antigen (VCA), immunoaffinity purified.
Catalog Number: 10-502-001 (1 ml). 10-502-025 (25 ml).
Cell Line/Virus Strain: P3HR1.
Protein Concentration: 5.92 µg/ml.
Presentation: 20 mM Tris, 3M MgCl2, pH 8.0.
Purity: Predominately a single band in non-reducing SDS-PAGE, migrating in a position corresponding with 125 KD.
Shipping and Storage: This product is shipped frozen on dry ice. Store at -70° C upon reciept. Avoid multiple freeze- thaw cycles as product degradation may result.
BIOHAZARD: This product has been treated using methods of inactivation that have been validated in vitro for complete inactivation of high-titered viruses. This lot has not been specifically tested for residual activity. Refer to the attached Cautionary Statement for Etiologic Materials.

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