Newsletter | May 4, 2021

05.04.21 -- Improving Bulk Drug Substance Handling

How To Stop Jeopardizing Your Single-Use Bag

Fed up with product loss due to breakages of your single-use bag? Learn how a single-use bag independent shell helps to avoid product loss due to breakages during the bulk drug substance (BDS) process step between downstream and fill and finish or during cell and gene therapies.

Automated Filling Of BDS: The Strong Advantages vs. Manual Handling

Flexibility, modularity, and the option to fill bottles and bags as a hybrid are just a few upsides. Automated filling, filtration, and draining platforms enable sterile, accurate, and scalable filling while having one control unit to attach to different racks. Learn more about the advantages over manual handling.

Controlled And Scalable Freezing: How Is It Possible?

Having different scales from laboratory use to large commercial bulk freezing, RoSS.pFTU is your freezing and thawing platform to get control of freezing kinetics with different bag sizes. Get insights into how this hybrid plate-based, fast-freezing innovation enables scalable freezing.

The Key To An Industrialized Cold Storage Process

Once frozen, a cold storage platform helps to maximize the storage density of single-use bags. With its flexible, stackable, mobile, coolable, and scalable characteristics, storing of frozen biopharmaceuticals feeds into efficient industrialized process solutions.

Hybrid END-TO-END Solutions For Single-Use Bags And Bottles

No matter what bags or bottles you use, SUSupport supports you with your single-use system and provides an end-to-end solution for the handling of your bulk drug substance or cell and gene therapies including technical solutions, qualification support, service and maintenance, as well as ongoing consultancy for your preferred solution.