Improve Process Efficiency In Bioprocess Streams By Prefiltration Optimization And Bioburden Reduction

Source: MilliporeSigma
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Membrane-based prefilters are an important component of many downstream operations. They are used to limit the variability of process streams by removing plugging contaminants thereby protecting sterilizing-grade filters and other unit operations. Some prefilters contribute to process safety by reducing bioburden in intermediate process steps where sterilizing grade filters are not required.

Milligard® PES filters contain polyether sulfone (PES) membranes of different pore sizes for efficient particle removal from a broad range of process streams. These prefilters are compatible with caustic sanitization, gamma irradiation, autoclave and steam in place (SIP) sterilization methods. Table 1 lists the different pore sizes of Milligard®PES filters.

This poster summarizes throughput and bacterial retention performance of Milligard®PES filters in OptiScale®capsules challenged with different streams. Throughput capacity was determined either alone or with a downstream sterilizing-grade filter.