Brochure | June 13, 2019

Ibex™ Dedicate

Source: Lonza Pharma & Biotech

As the biopharma industry identifies faster and more efficient ways to deliver drugs to patients, such as break-through and fast track designations for accelerated approval, these progresses create pressure on both large and small drug manufacturers. As development timelines shorten, decisions related to drug commercialization need to be taken earlier, when key results are not yet available. And deciding on the scale and type of facility to build without complete data can create substantial risks with costly consequences.

A game-changing supply solution

To help you navigate through uncertainty, accelerate and de-risk your clinical and commercial program, we have created Ibex™ Dedicate, a fully customizable supply solution.

Based on a modular, technology-agnostic bio-manufacturing concept, Ibex™ Dedicate provides a concept from clinical to commercial for virtually any biologics at any scale, including drug substance and drug product, at one site.

The flexibility of a fully customizable supply solution:

  • A dedicated facility which is kept permanently primed for fit-out
  • A facility design that can rapidly be scaled with your needs
  • A technology-agnostic solution that can be tailored to suit mammalian and microbial production, vaccines, bio-conjugates, and cell and gene therapy
  • An offering fitted to your product, from facility design and staffing to the technology, scale, and business and ownership models