Webinar | October 6, 2017

How Turnkey Facility And Cleanroom Solutions Are Transforming Pharmaceutical And Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Source: G-CON Manufacturing

As the manufacturing and logistics strategies for drug manufacturers are adapting to the changing global needs across the industry, the necessity for turnkey facility design and construction solutions is becoming more prevalent. Increased demand in emerging markets, personalized medicine, and biosimilars are just a few examples of the drivers that are causing manufacturers to think differently… More about facility design and construction. Pre-engineered and pre-fabricated facilities that can be delivered turnkey are not new and have served many industries including the pharma industry well in the past.

Although traditionally, pharma and biopharma have relied mostly on rigid bricks and mortar facilities constructed on site, the need to evolve to more flexible and modular facility designs that can be built in a factory, shipped to the site and then rapidly assembled has been recognized and is being addressed by innovative suppliers in different ways.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • The changes and factors in industry that are driving a shift in facility strategies
  • The different turnkey facility options that are currently being developed and implemented
  • The attributes and benefits of turnkey facilities
  • How G-CON, Butler, and Span Construction are partnering to provide solutions to industry